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Vito Chin

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This is my #BulletPoints for Azure SQL Database.

#BulletPoints are my kind of note-taking. I think it helps while learning a new subject or preparing for a certification exam. It may not make much sense if you read it raw, but is a great aide for recall. It usually contains only unique new learnings. You can also use it to check for important points post reading the suggested documents too.

In this instance, these are my notes for AZ-301, SQL section.

Suggested reading


  • vCore

    • CPU equivalent
      • G4 ~ 2.4 GHz Haswell ~ More power
      • G5 ~ 2.35 GHz
    • General purpose tier
    • Business critical ~ Higher ~ Replicas
    • Hyperscale
  • DTU

    • Fixed price
    • SLA ~ 99.99
    • Basic package ~ 5 DTU ~ 2TB
  • Split Merge


Azure Database for MySQL / Postgresql backup retention period: 7 days, configurable up to 35 days.

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