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Vito Chin

1 minute read

If you use IoT Central, one of the most common dashboard that you may want to have is a map that shows where your IoT devices are.

Here are 3 steps steps to get such a dashboard.

1) Add location as a capability

If your devices has the capability to send its location, this should already be configured on your device template. Otherwise, you can add the following capability:

2) Instantiate the devices!

Obviously, you’ll need more than one device to get a multi-device map going :)

3) Add devices to map on dashboard

Edit your Dashboard to add a new map tile where you can add these devices.

You can add multiple devices from the same device group. Devices instantiated from the same template are already in the same device group. If you need to have devices that are instantiated from different templates, create a new device group for those devices first.

That’s it! Here’s a dashboard tile map with multiple devices:

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