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Writing, 2020

I still believe it is useful, changing how I do it to do more

Vito Chin

1 minute read

In the past, I used to write long form blogs, with proper sentences and paragraphs :)

Restarting my site this 2020, I think it may not be effective anymore:

  • Slow to write: which means I write less, not a bad thing, but I want to record more, for memory.
  • Slow to read: I don’t think most readers have time / patience to read long form by someone like me, I am not Paul Graham, not that he write too long too.

So, this is how I am going to do it from now on, aspire to have something between haikus and TL;DR summaries:

  • Link less, search yourself
  • Aim to get you done reading within a couple of minutes or less

Better because:

  • Forces me to think more efficiently
  • You’ll actually finish reading more often
  • I think it’s sincere to you, and it’s actually quite enjoyable

Carpe diem!

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