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This is a collection of demos, guides, events, thoughts and software that are useful for Azure developers, architects, customers and partners that I work with at Microsoft. Some of these are made by me, others by colleague and the cloud community :)

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Unlimited Scale for Node.js application

Azure is a great development and deployment option for Node.js applications. Join Vito as he walks you through Visual Studio Code features for Azure productivity, great Azure cloud features that help you scale globally, interesting Azure services that you can reuse instead of building your own as well as automation options that enhances your cloud experience.

Could blockchain be the foundation of a viable KYC utility?

Sharing of insights resulting from a joint POC (with KPMG’s Michael Cutler) using Corda on Azure to develop a process that transform Customer Identification Procedures (eKYC) including architecture and best practice.

Azure Blockchain Service Overview (Consortium governance)

Walkthrough of consortium governance in Azure Blockchain Service.

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Cost management
  • (Analyze cost with the Azure Cost Management Power BI App for Enterprise Agreements)[]
Azure Active Directory

This documentation for is a MUST READ for any developer looking at leveraging Azure AD for identification, authentication and RBAC across all scenarios (i.e. ManagedIdentityCredential, EnvironmentCredential, AuthorizationCodeCredential, InteractiveBrowserCredential, DeviceCodeCredential). Just read it in any case, it is a very well-written piece of documentation :)

Azure Cosmos DB

If you notice any links that are no longer pointing to working pages, please let me know by creating an issue on the GitHub repository of this site.

Setting up a Private Link service as a service provider

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GTM (Go To Market)

Load Testing

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